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Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month MARCH FORTH! I am thrilled I have passed another milestone in my breast cancer recovery.  In August, my oncologist removed the breast cancer prevention drug – Anastrozole (Generic Arimidex) from my treatment plan.  For the past five years, I have religiously taken this small one mg pill regularly each morning.  The small but potent drug prevented my body from producing estrogen.  (Estrogen fed my breast cancer.)  This very small pill was my immediate defense against that nasty cancer’s return! However, that little pill as powerful as it was also held me captive. For the past five years, my body felt

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinFive Years and Counting…! Five years ago this week, I walked into the doctor’s office for my annual mammogram.  It was a normal routine mammogram – a visit sandwiched in between daily and ordinary tasks.  However, this visit turned out to be anything other than ordinary.  “I am seeing something abnormal.”  The nurse said.  “Your mammogram is showing a suspicious area.  You need an ultrasound immediately to review this area further!”  My thoughts without delay began to spiral.  My gut feeling had been spot on!  The lump I found three months ago WAS NOT NORMAL!  I needed a breast

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    Author: buy tadalafil with dapoxetine

    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinI would like to share this article from the Evansville Courier Newspaper in Evansville, Indiana.  Karen has been a Godsend to the Evansville, Indiana community.  After her cancer diagnosis, she turned her energies to mentoring and fundraising through the American Cancer Society outreach programs.  I met Karen during my breast cancer treatment.  We have been “Sisters” ever since.   She is the “Karen” mentioned in my book “MARCH FORTH.”   Thus, I want to share this article and recognition rightfully so in honor of her.   Then please join all of us this Saturday, October 19th in Evansville, Indiana at Eastland Mall from 7:30 am (registration begins) to

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin  “Where Did the Time Go?” (For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.  The best way to do this is with a link to this web page: September 29, 2013 Just a few weeks ago, parents witnessed their preschool, elementary, and adolescent children, returning to school to start a new academic year.  Summer break had passed quickly.  It was a massive blur for our family.  Each of our two sons spent an enjoyable summer vacation filled with different camps and fun-filled experiences that kept our front door rotating

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