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October 15, 2013

Fall is one of my favorite seasons.  Just like spring, the transitional season brings an intensity of colors and scents that other seasons lack.  In earlier years when I was growing up on a dairy farm, fall was a busy and hectic time.  Dad was always in a hurry to harvest the crops before the weather turned bad.  Once the crops were ready, our harvest began.  Usually, late summer we initiated our harvest by chopping corn into silage.  We then transported the silage from the field to the silo on the farm.  It was an endless circle of tractors and wagons bringing the chopped corn home, dumping it into the silo, and then returning the empty wagons to the field to repeat the process.  The circuit was nonstop and created a busy driveway of family and laborers working frantically to catch the silage at its peak and store it in the silo.  There was nothing sweeter for Dad or for me for that matter than the smell of freshly chopped silage lingering in the air much as honeysuckles permeate the air in spring.

I no longer have the opportunity to smell the sweat silage being harvested.  Mom and Dad sold the farm and both have passed on to a better place.  However, each fall when the farmers take to the fields, it reminds me of this chaotic time on our farm.  Whenever, I see the farmers harvesting their crops, it stokes the memories of my time spent helping my family harvest.  Isn’t it amazing how certain pleasant smells can stir up certain memories and remind us of times in our past?

Pictures or symbols can also evoke memories or reminders.  As many of you may know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Ribbons, garments, billboards, newspapers, etc. are flooding our vision and thoughts with pink images.  Corporations have produced or accented their products with pink in support of finding a cure for breast cancer.  Even the National Football League players have donned their uniforms and playing gear with shades of pink.  Sometimes the pink infiltrates and blends into our environment to make it a commonplace until we no longer see its significance.  We start to ignore it.  Much like the Christmas Season, we sometimes forget why we give or receive the gift.  But, we must not forget!  Many women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.  We must not let the pink images lull us to sleep.  Cancer never sleeps.  That is why, we must find the cure so we all can rest comfortably knowing our mothers, daughters, grandmothers and yes, even sons are safe from being one of these statistics.

Below I have posted the American Cancer Society estimates for breast cancer for women in the United States for 2013.*

Therefore, let’s not lull ourselves to sleep with “Pink October.”  It is there to remind us of the seriousness of this disease.  Breast Cancer isn’t fickle.  It affects the young, old, middle aged and yes even men.  So yes – get out and wear your pink in support of breast cancer.  But most importantly, be active with your healthcare.  Make healthy life choices.  In addition, remind your neighbor, friend, or even a stranger, it is time to do their checkups.  Take responsibility for your health.  Help yourselves – I do not want any of you to be a breast cancer statistic!

Thus, as “Pink October” continues, make sure you get your mammogram and check for abnormal lumps anywhere or any place on your body.  Remember what the true meaning of “Pink October” is all about – breast cancer awareness, preventive screenings, and finding a cure for breast cancer.  Remember – the earlier you find the cancer – the most likely you beat the disease!  Let’s find the cure not only for breast cancer but also for all cancers!  Let us all be around next fall to experience the wonderful scents that nature has to offer and recognize what “Pink October” is all about AGAIN.

“And as Always…MARCH FORTH!”

Marci A. Schmitt

(Marci Schmitt is a 4-year breast cancer survivor)

*Information taken from the American Cancer Society website:   purchase dapoxetine online)   Last Medical Review: 09/17/2013; Last Revised: 10/02/2013

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