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I am thrilled I have passed another milestone in my breast cancer recovery.  In August, my oncologist removed the breast cancer prevention drug – Anastrozole (Generic Arimidex) from my treatment plan.  For the past five years, I have religiously taken this small one mg pill regularly each morning.  The small but potent drug prevented my body from producing estrogen.  (Estrogen fed my breast cancer.)  This very small pill was my immediate defense against that nasty cancer’s return! However, that little pill as powerful as it was also held me captive.

For the past five years, my body felt like one huge bee sting – swollen, numb, and hurting like the Ultimate Warrior or an Extreme Fighter had pummeled me.  I felt like this every day!  Some days worse than others. Needless to say, I hurt tremendously.

Still, I chose to continue and maintain this course of treatment my doctor recommended. Furthermore, I continued to heal from the side effects of chemotherapy, which seemed to linger well beyond what was reasonably expected. Slowly but surely, physically and mentally, I felt better each passing year.  Even after five years, I can see how my body is still healing. Unbelievable but true!

Thus, when my doctor decided it was time for me to stop taking this small miracle pill, I was ecstatic – yet frightened!  Of course, I was anxious to see how much better I would feel. But, I was also concerned.  It was scary to think my immediate defense towards the cancer was gone. It was a double edge sword – mine and not the Warrior’s or Fighter’s.



But, I had to let those thoughts go.  Like watching the helium balloon gently float towards the sky, I let my mind move onward. Like the mother watching her child leave for his first year of college, I let him go.  In HIS bigger and broader view, God still has a plan for me. My job is to listen and follow (that is the hard part.)  After all, I am still here and some of my sisters and brothers are not! God still has a purpose for me before I move on to HIS better world.

Yes!  I am a lucky one! I did indeed pass this and many other milestones the last five years.  None more important than being listed in the survival statistics on the purchase dapoxetine online this year! I am a 5-year SURVIVOR and this title was not earned overnight!

Although, my body is missing a few parts, I am still standing.  I continue to morph into my “my new normal!”  In the last two months after removing this small pill from my journey, I have gained more stamina, memory, and energy.  It is as different as night and day. I feel a lot better. My mind is much sharper.  My body feels quicker.  The numbness and swelling have decreased considerably.  In addition, the sensitivity in my skin has increased dramatically.  It feels like I have removed a pair of rubber gloves from my hands and touching things with my bare hands again. A very welcomed return for me!

Thus, this little pill that took away my estrogen – the one that my gynecologist claimed that- “the rock in my driveway had more estrogen than my body” – is now gone from my daily routine.  So is the cancer!  My mindset stays focused on this fact!

Now, I am that ROCK in the driveway as all of us Cancer Survivors are…tough when we need to be and purposeful when we are called.  Not just for ourselves but for those who didn’t get a chance to follow us.

We are going to find this cure! I believe research is very close to it.

But until then – Ladies get your mammograms.  Take care of yourselves.  Check for lumps (MEN also) and go to the doctor immediately if you find one!  Early detection correlates to better survival.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

In Memory and Celebration – MARCH FORTH!


Marci A. Schmitt

“And As Always… MARCH FORTH!”

(Follow the Informative, Heartwarming, Powerful, Inspiring Blog from Marci A. Schmitt that evolved from her Award Winning book – MARCH FORTH: My Journey… at 

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  1. Dorothy pergola /

    Congratulations on the milestone! Glad you are feeling better. Even thought I didn’t take anything after my infusions (TNBC, can’t suppress what you can’t say feeds the cancer) I remember having the feeling of…”what’s fighting the cancer now” when I was done with chemo and radiation. Took time but the feeling passed and now I just keep a vigilant eye on my body to make sure I’m still NED. Three years and counting…it’s a blessing. So are you and your willingness to share your story.

    1. where to purchase dapoxetine / Post Author

      Thank you Dorothy for your kind words. Also, Thank you for what you do as well to bring awareness and healing to those of us who have traveled this journey. It means a lot and is so helpful to all to the newly diagnosed cancer survivors as well as those warriors who have made it through or haven’t. All of us need an outlet available whether we use it or not to share feelings and information. It is good to know that its ok to feel whatever we may be feeling that only those who have traveled that journey may know and understand. Thank you again.

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