MARCH FORTH: My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery from Breast Cancer – Available for MP3 Audio Download

Today – November 1, 2012 – I recognize two significant events that happened to me in my past on this date.  Today, I am happy to announce another significant event.  I am proud and honored to announce today – November 1, 2012 – that I have released an MP3 audio download of my book MARCH FORTH: My Journey… available only on my website.  I want to thank Fred Bracher and Marc Huther for helping me to achieve this goal.  (Please take the time to read their bios on the ABOUT page.)  For the past year and half I have been driven to achieve this book and audio to help others.  Never could I have ever dreamt that this journey would have taken me in this direction.  I have been driven to get this word out to help others.  For those of you who have read this book, please help others by recommending them to read the journey.

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