ABOUT MARCH FORTH, 4marchforth.com and the Author:

Author Marci Schmitt is a breast cancer survivor.  Her book – MARCH FORTH: My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery from Breast Cancer is her first attempt to write and publish a book.  “Although I never consider myself a writer, my journey prompted me to reach out to help others through this process!  As a result, I have been inspired to write more and share these thoughts on a platform. Thus, my website – www.4marchforth.com  and My Blog –  “And As Always…MARCH FORTH!” were born shortly after my book published.”

“I have had tremendous and positive feedback on how helpful MARCH FORTH has been to those who have traveled this journey with breast cancer as well as other cancers. The biggest surprise and positive feedback I am receiving is how this book has been extremely helpful to caregivers and friends of those diagnosed with cancer.  I have even receive positive feedback on how MARCH FORTH inspired others who were not affected by cancer but were guided on how to manage life’s adversities!”

One can read more about Marci Schmitt on the back cover of her book MARCH FORTH!

Some noted highlights:

MARCH FORTH published August 22, 2011 at Outskirtpress.com a self publishing company.

MARCH FORTH is a Reader Views – Readers Choice Award Winner (1st Place) in the Self Help/Inspirational genre.

MARCH FORTH has sold Internationally.

Marci donates a portion of her sales to the American Cancer Society, Komen, and various Cancer Research Centers.

In 2011, MARCH FORTH was created into an audiobook in MP3 download and (6) CD format available only on this website.

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About the Narrator:

Frederick Bracher is a high school AP English, Expository Writing, and Film Literature teacher.  An advocate for higher learning, he was recently selected as one of the Peabody Energy Leaders in Education. He is the PA announcer for his high school’s basketball, wrestling, and softball programs.  He is also a successful volleyball and track coach.  He is married and has two children.

About the Engineer:

Marc Huther plays bass and is one of four brothers in the Rock Christian band – NAKED THE BAND – meaning Nothing comes between you and God!  Their latest album HEARTBURN, contains their single “Fight for You.” He is a graduate of Berkley College of Music.  Contact Marc at his website:  www.nakedmusicrocks.com.



Marci A. Schmitt

“And As Always… MARCH FORTH!”