MARCH FORTH (Amazon) Kindle Available for $3 with (Amazon) Kindle’s MATCHBOOK/other updates

Due to contract revisions and updates with Amazon and iBookstore , price adjustments were completed and updated as of 9/30/13 to the digital e reader versions of the award winning book – March Forth – My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery from Breast Cancer by Marci A. Schmitt.  The  Kindle ($6.00) and iBook ($6.99) are still  great buys at Amazon and iBookstore.  Because of the changes, the prices for both the Kindle and iBook will be reduced through out the holiday season.   Unfortunately, the previous sale price of under $5.00 is no longer available through October.  However, with Kindle’s MATCHBOOK Program, the MARCH FORTH Kindle version can be purchased for $3.00.  Thank you for supporting my cause.

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