I Love You 99

I Love You “99”

By Marci A. Schmitt

(March 4, 2016)

In 1980, there was a lamenting love song on the radio sung by the group Toto titled “99.”  I loved that song.  It was one of my favorite songs of that era.  (I know – I am telling my age again. It’s what I do best!)  (List of 1980 Singles)

The rumor supposedly stated, “99” equaled the combined body measurements of the lyricist’s girlfriend (i.e. bust, waist, hips or 39-24-36.)  I wish I could say my measurements equal 99.  But, unfortunately, 99 would only represent a portion of that measurement!

Upon further research, I found David Paich was inspired to write the “99” lyrics by a 1971 George Lucas film.  The performance video of this song intended to create a conceptual idea about “a sterile society where mankind is stripped of any individuality and people are numbered drones.”  Hence, people were numbered statues. (History of song 99)

Kind of takes away the romantic and nostalgia impact of the song – doesn’t it.  Still, I like it.  The melody repeats in my mind – …  “I love you 99”…

This past week, I began singing “99” again… the melodic lyrics and notes took on a new meaning for me.  Instead of the lamenting love song from long ago, it became an inspiring and amazing number.  For me, “99” is a continuing story about an inspiring “young” person – a woman in which our lives’ paths began to cross a long time ago.  For over 30 years, this dear friend has weaved in and out of my life.

Lenore, Elizabeth, or Liz as I call her was born on February 24, 1917.  It was a time when Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as President (March 5, 2017) and the United States entered WWI by declaring war on Germany (April 6, 1917).  (World History 1917)  Yes …amazingly…last week, Liz celebrated her 99th birthday!

Many of you have met Liz or may know someone like her.  She was the amazing elderly woman who greeted customers as they entered the local Wal-mart.  A smile always lit her face and greeted you when one entered the store.  She presented herself with class, confidence, dignity, and friendliness.  She always left one with a positive impression.

Nevertheless, anyone who has lived, knows life presents many challenges.  Moreover, the longer one lives, the more challenges they bear.

Liz was no exception.  She has had her share of challenges.  When she was a youngster, she lost her first playmate – her brother – when he walked up behind a horse and it kicked him in the head.  She lost her first husband suddenly to a heart attack.  He was in his early forties.  Two years later, she lost her 20-year-old son to a drunk driver.  She lost her second husband to diabetes.  She helped raise her grandsons because of an absentee father.  Tragically, she lost one of her grandsons a few years ago.

Like all of us, she shared the good and the bad in life… it affects all of us…  But her positive attitude and determination always shines!  Much like me, she loved her dogs … and we dog lovers know how much they help us get through these types of events in our lives.

Amazingly, a few years ago, she fell and broke her hip.  I thought … Well that’s itShe won’t be working again.  But, I was wrong.  She fought back with determination and returned to her greeter’s position at Wal-mart.

A few months ago, she fell and broke her shoulder.  She entered rehab at the nursing home.  Shortly, after that her daughter also fell and followed her to the healthcare facility.  That is where both are living now.

I have always admired those who live their life to the fullest.  Liz has demonstrated what unbelievable strength, dignity, and attitude can do for oneself.  My parents were great examples of this also.  Sometimes the intangibles in our lives such as a positive attitude can often get you to reach your goals in life more so than hard work.

A couple of years ago she told me she couldn’t live forever.  “I am going to reach 100 and then I’m going to call it quits!”  She said laughingly.  I reminded her of that last week.

Welcome to your final farewell tour Liz – enjoy it!  It is going to be a great, grand finale year!

Of course, I keep telling her I can’t wait for her next 99…!

I love you 99 …  Always remember that!

….Happy MARCH (4th) FORTH!

And As Always…  MARCH FORTH everyone!
Marci A. Schmitt

P.S.  There are plenty of reasons to visit the shut in especially at Nursing Homes.  They love smiling faces.  Can you give them one of yours?

Watch the YouTube video performance of “99 by Toto Here:  (https://youtu.be/WdtBOoOs3iA )

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