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January 11, 2013

“Happy New Year – God Winks, Coincidences, and Alarm Clocks”

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“Happy New Year – God Winks, Coincidences, and Alarm Clocks” – blog by buy dapoxetine safely is licensed under a buy dapoxetine usa.
Based on a work at buy dapoxetine online.
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In 1995, my husband and I were living in a small house that we had purchased as our starter home.  At the beginning of the year, we had purchased a piece of property to build a house.  We both were excited.  We organized our plans and proceeded towards building our “dream” home.

During this process, we did not expect to be with child.  We had been unsuccessful in becoming parents.  Truthfully, with my “mature” age, I finally made the realization I was not going to be a “Mom”.  Although I loved kids and wanted one desperately, I resigned myself to the fact it was “not meant to be.”

However, shortly after we delved into our house plans, the miracle happened.  I was expecting!  I was excited and thrilled as anyone could be in wanting a child.  Thus, we stopped our dream house plans, sold the property, and looked for a house that would be easier to handle during this joyous time as we prepared for parenthood.  By midsummer, my husband and I began packing our things into boxes to move into a newer home.

Then it happened!  My radio alarm clock stopped!  Just like that!  How could this happen!  My trustworthy radio alarm clock I received for Christmas when I was 18 years old stopped!  My parents gave it to me as a Christmas present so I would have it for college.  The radio alarm clock with the fancy “snooze button” was the state of the art technology and kept me on time for over 17 years!  You know – the radio alarm clock that had the glowing numbers that would flip after each hour and minute.  I was lost.  How was I going to replace this!  Now mind you, we didn’t have cell phones with the fancy gadgets that allowed us to set alarms and reminders anytime we wanted.  (In fact, it was at this time I had my first cell phone and it was a large cumbersome suitcase like bag that you plugged into the cigarette lighter on the dashboard!)  Anyway, this radio alarm clock was a necessity!  I was working a rotating shift and my radio alarm clock was my bloodline.  I was awakening and sleeping at different times of the day and night.

It was so devastating for me that it took me almost 10 years to find another radio alarm clock that I liked–one that wasn’t too loud, too irritating, or one that would scare me to death when the alarm sounded to awaken me.  Either way, life went on.

 I didn’t have the heart to throw away the old radio alarm clock that I received as a Christmas present.  I used the radio portion of the clock on and off throughout the past 18 years.  Sometimes it was in storage and sometimes it was used sporadically in the garage, etc.  A few years back, I put the radio alarm clock in my bathroom so I had music to listen to while showering.  After remodeling my bathroom this summer, I again chose to put the radio alarm clock back into my bathroom.  I still enjoyed the music that the radio alarm clock gave me.  Maybe it was the sentimental feelings behind it I enjoyed the most.

Then it happened!  Two weeks before this past Christmas, I was washing my face in the bathroom and I heard something.  I could not figure it out!  Then, I traced the noise.  I looked at my radio alarm clock.  IT WAS WORKING!  THE CLOCK WAS WORKING ON MY RADIO ALARM CLOCK!!  How was this!  I thought.  But, there it was- the glowing numbers were flipping on my radio alarm clock.  I immediately came into the living room where my husband and kids were.  “You’re not going to believe this!”  “For over 18 years, this radio alarm clock has not been working and now it is working!”  “THE CLOCK is WORKING!”  Whoa!  My husband and kids agreed – it was somewhat eerie!  “WOW” was all I could think.

All I could do was think about my radio alarm clock the rest of the night.  For the next 24 hours, I would go into my bathroom and make sure it was still working – and it was!  Ok, so one weird thing happened.  I had calmed down the next day.

However, I think there was more to it than meets one’s eye.  Was it a coincidence or what some people call a “God Wink?”  (My short definition of a “God Wink” is when you believe in a “bigger intervention” vs. a coincidence.)  I will let you decide but I think I know.

24 hours later, I turned on the lights to my Christmas tree and sat down on my comfy couch to watch the evening news.  My youngest son approached me.  He had been cleaning out his desk in his room.  It was one of my Mom and Dad’s old desks that I had bought from their auction in 2004.  (Since then, the desk had been moved and cleaned several times.)  As he approached me, he handed me a paper pamphlet in excellent, like-new condition.  He said he found it in his desk under one of the drawers.  It wasn’t bent or torn.  It was in perfect condition but old.  What was it?  I thought.

He said, “Mom, you may want this!”

Thus, I took the paper pamphlet and looked at it.  All I could do was reply – “Oh, my God!…Oh, my God!”  I was in disbelief.  For in my hands I held in mint condition the Digital Clock Radio Use and Care Guide for my infamous radio alarm clock.  Yes!  That is correct!  It was the pamphlet of the Digital Clock Radio Use and Care Guide!

 I was speechless.  It was a “WOW” moment.  I was convinced.  This WAS definitely a “God Wink” for me.  However, again, I will let you decide!

Thus, you never know what kind of surprises life is going to give us.  Four years ago this week, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My life transition into a new role.  I had no choice in the path my life took.  I fought it and denied it.  But, now I accept it.  Who would have ever thought I could turn my breast cancer journey into a positive experience.  Now mind you, I would not wish this journey on anyone, but it happened and I am trying to make the best of it by helping others who are affected by it.  Believe me, it is not always easy, but it is the right thing to do.

Everyone’s one’s life is full of surprises-like mine-new houses, babies, alarm clocks, cancer.  Some surprises are good; some bad.  Life pushes our buttons each day.  Sometimes life pushes the wrong buttons.  Everyone has a story.  All I can say is –Be prepared and stay focused on the positive.  Like my radio alarm clock, things and people don’t always last forever.

Thus, as we transition into 2013, I get to celebrate another year.  It is a good feeling.  But, there is much to accomplish and do for you and me.  Set your goals – small or large-because you never know where an idea or incident will lead you in life.  What you do today really does matter.  I know all of you will do a great job in 2013!

As for my digital radio alarm clock -a week later, a huge windstorm caused my power to flick on and off three times.  I immediately went to see if the radio alarm clock stopped.  Unfortunately, it did.  However, I still listen to the music.  Furthermore, I want to think it was a “God Wink.”  I think- just maybe-it was my Mom, Dad, and my brother who have all passed – winking at me!”  Again, you all can decide for yourselves.  But, I know someday the alarm clock will start again.

May all of you have a Happy New Year and as always, MARCH FORTH!

Marci A. Schmitt


This blog is dedicated to all survivors and to those family and friends who have March Forth a little quicker than we wanted them to.  God Bless!

For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. The best way to do this is with a link to this web page.

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There are 2 comments left buy tadalafil+dapoxetine

  1. Erum /

    Hi Marci! I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised that this friend of yours who rarely reads anything finally read the post on the alarm clock! I have decided for myself and I agree with you….many “coincidences” are actually divine intervention….God speaks to us in many ways.
    I love U!!

  2. Toni Wildt /

    This really touched my heart it made me laugh and cry. I love you Marci! Toni

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