“HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a Victory Song!”

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a VICTORY SONG”!  (quote from American Cancer Society)

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November 30, 2012

Today is my birthday!  Happy Birthday to me and any other cancer survivor or person who has met adversity in their life.   Pat yourselves on the back today! We are here and should make the most of it. I am glad to be alive to celebrate the anniversary of the date my Mom gave birth to me.

I love birthdays! They are precious and delicate as a breath of fresh air.  This day and everyday is very valuable to me.  I worked very hard to fight back from the brushes of chemotherapy and adversity not to wallow in its presence.  Today is just a marking pin to exhale and say –  ‘job well done!’.  Today, I am alive!  I’m here!

Funny thing -All of us will never make it out of our lifetimes here on earth alive. But while I am here,  I would  like to share it with my family and friends especially my children.  Birthdays make me feel more alive!  I made it one more year!  How exciting is that!!

I’ve always enjoyed my life and have always tried to bask in all that it would give me.  Sometimes things did not turn out the way I wanted and I didn’t like what life gave me.  But, I still try to reap as much from my experiences and benefit from them as much as I can.  And now,  I feel a sense of urgency to complete and follow through with the most important items in the realm of my life.  Isn’t it great to see the sun rise each morning?

Each breath is exhilarating and precious.  Think about it.  Breathe……inhale ……exhale…..  Just like time, I can’t hold on to the breath.  I can only experience it as it whispers in and out my lungs.  Much like time whispering passed us at this very moment.  One day it will be gone and this Purdue fan, volunteer, mother, wife, friend,  etc. will someday move on to hopefully more heavenly things….But NOT  before my work is done on this earth.

As this year is winding down, I can think of many things I am soooo thankful for.  Those things are wrapped up for me in this day today. God and I will experience them together.   I will unwrap some of those reflections and gifts today  and then unwrap the rest this Christmas season.  (After all, “This is the day the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice in it.” (KJV: Psalm:23))

Yes, today is a special day for me.  In the words of the American Cancer Society a “Happy Birthday is a Victory Song!”   Feel  it, Taste it, See it, Hear it, Smell it, Live it!  Happy Birthday to everyone today!

Oh yeah, one more thing.  Today was my father’s birthday as well.  We shared our birthdays for 52+ years.  It was a race to see who could say it first to each other.  Would it be him or me to say “Happy Birthday!” first?   Just wanted to say it one more time Pop – Happy Birthday, miss you, and will see you after my work is done here on earth.

As always, God Bless and MARCH FORTH!

Marci A. Schmitt

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