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“God and Dog”

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“God and Dog” – blog by buy dapoxetine safely is licensed under a buy dapoxetine usa.
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January 25, 2013

A few months ago, someone sent me an email containing a simple video about a dog.  The video was a simple caricature presentation accompanied by an acoustic guitar and some verses.  The message:   the guitarist’s relationship with her dog was uniquely special to her life and it just so happened that the word “dog” spelled backwards was “God.”

I love dogs.  I have had a dog alongside of me most of my born years.  My first dog was appropriately named “Dog.”  My fondest memory of him was when I was 3 or 4 years old and I was playing outside.  Apparently, I was doing something I should not have been doing because Mom walked towards me to “reinforce” this idea.  But, Dog stepped in between Mom and me.  He growled at Mom.  Mom was stunned and surprised.  “That dog growled at me!”  She exclaimed.  Dog would not let Mom come near me.  He growled each time she moved towards me.  Whew!  Dog saved me that day because I knew I was in trouble!  Dog and I had a bond that would last his lifetime.

After I lost Dog, I yearned for another dog.  I begged my Mom and Dad.  “Please can I have another dog?”  Sometime later, Chow became my new dog friend.  Chow was a purebred Chow Chow.  Red, fuzzy, and lacking some common sense.  Nevertheless, she was my dog!  Chow did not last long but she accomplishes one of the oddest things that I have ever seen in nature.  Chow never had puppies; but she began nursing one of the barn cats.  It was in the middle of winter and the cat was cold.  Thus, the cat curled into a ball on top of Chow’s lap to stay warm.  The cat began to nurse Chow and soon she came to her milk.  The smart cat had an endless food supply and Chow enjoyed nurturing the cat.

After Chow, came Sheppe.  Sheppe was my first true woman’s best friend.  She was very sharp.  I had her for 8 years – most of my adolescence.  She was my comforter and best buddy because I lived in the country.  She amazed me at her intelligence.  Sometimes, we would take turns playing hide and seek.  I would teach her to stay and then I would run and hide.  Then, it was her turn.  I would stay while she would run and hide.  She usually went to the same spot where I had hidden previously.  Nevertheless, I would always find her squatting with her head down between her front paws in a ready to pounce position by the manger in the barn.  We both would jump for joy when we found each other.

One day, Sheppe dragged her puppies- one by one- to the front yard.  The puppies played beside her as she sat next to them.  I wondered why Sheppe did this until one of the puppies passed the imaginary line that I had taught Sheppe not to cross.  The imaginary line was a marking point in the front yard to prevent Sheppe from approaching and crossing the highway.  I would scold Sheppe if she would pass this imaginary line.  She was teaching her puppies not to cross the imaginary line and scolding them if they did so.

Unfortunately, I lost Sheppe to a freak accident on the farm. I knew it would be awhile before I would have another dog again.  I was 17 years old and I was leaving for college soon.  Therefore, it would not be in the best interest of the dog for me to get another one.

After college, I finally got my “dream” dog – a collie named Kaki.  I loved collies.  When I was young, I would watch Lassie.  It was one of my favorite shows.  Even more awesome, Kaki had purebred puppies.  There was nothing more amazing than watching them grow until I had to give them away.  Like children, they do not stay young forever.

After Kaki, I rescued a sheltie puppy that I named Sally.  She was a sharp dog.  She had a personality that would turn a dog hater into a dog lover.  She was a God Send or God Wink story.  She was my companion during my single years before marriage and kids.  She helped me evaluate the qualities of some of my dates.  I would learn a lot about a person by the way Sally responded to my dates and the way my dates responded to Sally.  She was 13 years old when she went to dog heaven.  She also died from a freak accident.  By the time Sally passed, I had married and had two young children who wondered what had happened to their dog.  It was an early “Life Lesson” for both of our children.

As time went on and being the dog lover that I was, I bought another full blooded collie-Colorful.  As you can tell, my two young sons named her.  Color, as we called her, was with us for 12 years – most of our children’s lives.  However, the circle of life happened and Color fell ill.  We had to euthanize her.  It was hard but it was the right thing to do.

Thus, all these dogs helped me throughout my life’s joys and difficulties.  None more so than Color who journeyed through my children’s adolescence and my health issues.  She was great support for me during her last two years of her life.  She was there for me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, had two mastectomies, and had breast cancer treatments (including chemotherapy).  She was also there when I cared for my sick father, found out my brother had cancer, and lost my father and brother 17 days apart.  It was honorable for Color to hang on three more months after their deaths, and selfish of me to want her to stay a little longer especially through the holidays.  But, I was thankful for all of her time she had given us.

A month after Color passed, the New Year began and my sons returned to school from semester break.   I became lonely without a dog.  I began looking for pictures of collie puppies on the internet.  I really was not serious about getting another dog but then it happened.  I found this cute puppy and her face spoke to me.  I decided to drive three hours away from my home to rescue this puppy named Lucy.  She was beautiful.  Her mother was a full-blooded collie and her father was questionably a golden retriever.  She was 8 weeks old.  Perfect!  We brought her home and instantly our house filled with laughter.  I did not realize how much laughter had been lacking the last few months, until Lucy brought it back to us.

One may never know how certain decisions and actions made in one’s life can affect others.  These decisions or actions may be positive or negative.  Either way, the results can domino to others without us knowing it.  However, I tend to think simple but kind gestures can only magnify during the process.  That’s why “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of my favorite movies.  How do the smallest of efforts and kindest of intentions in helping someone, affect one’s life?  A stranger found Lucy and her family abandoned.  The dogs were dumped in a ditch.  She and her siblings were only a day old.  Someone saw them and stopped, picked them up, and took Lucy and her family to a rescue shelter.  The rescue shelter saved Lucy and her family and in turn, our family saved Lucy.  She has brought great happiness back into our household.

Lucy has been with us a full year now.  She is intelligent with lots of personality and energy.  She loves chasing the squirrels, playing with her toys, and pushing our doorknob with her nose so it will jingle when she wants to come inside or go outside.  She is so playful and loves sitting on our laps-all 50 pounds of her.  She has brought us great joy.  Thus, I just want to say to that someone who took the time out of his or her day to do a small gesture of kindness– thank you stranger- whoever you may have been.  You have helped our family recover through some stressful “Life Lessons” by saving Lucy.  She has been a Godsend to our family.

Thus, as I watch the video with the guitarist and her dog, maybe it is not a coincidence that the word “GOD” spelled backwards is “dog.”  We hope Lucy will be with us for several more years.  I am sure she will bring us more laughter into our lives ahead.  In reality, we thought we saved Lucy but really, Lucy saved us.  ….And as always, MARCH FORTH.

God and Dog video link:  where to buy dapoxetine in nigeria  Enjoy!

Marci A. Schmitt

For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work.  The best way to do this is with a link to this web page.

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There are 4 comments left buy tadalafil+dapoxetine

  1. Erum /

    Thank you, Marci! Loved hearing this story….I think I need a dog now 🙂

  2. Penny /

    Thanks for sharing. Love it! Our crazy dogs have always found ways to lighten the mood and make us laugh too. Read a Dog’s Purpose and then A Dog’s Journey-perfect for the dog lover.

  3. Nancy Burk /

    I can relate to the love and happiness a dog adds to a home. We have 4 dogs, 3 shih tzus (all from the same littler) and a poodle, we took in 2 years ago and we still are looking for a wonderful home for her. God made dogs so special!

  4. Tana /

    Loved the story—being a dog lover I share your feelings on what a friend we have in our animals

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