Do Cell Phones In Bras Cause Breast Cancer?

Do Cell Phones in Bras Cause Breast Cancer?


Do cell phones in bras cause breast cancer?  There is a lot of talk lately about cell phones and cancer.  Below is a video link to a story of  a young woman diagnosed with breast cancer at the early age of 21 years.  She kept her cell phone in her bra – exactly where the tumor was detected.    John G. West, MD, Oncology is doing research on this particular study.  Watch the video, then follow the link on his opinion below.

Can carrying my cell phone in my bra put me at risk for breast cancer?

John G. West, MD answers the question  – Click HERE.


Again, more research is needed.  However, in the mean time one should seriously consider how they carry and use their cell phones until more answers are found whether there is or is not any possible correlations with cancer and cell phones. something to think about at

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