I am a bit late with this post but never too late to still wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!  Enjoy! -Marci A. Schmitt

May 9, 2015

I sat down at my computer early this morning to catch up on several unopened emails stacked in my inbox.

Yesterday, I missed the opportunity to read my emails because I made an important journey four hours north to pickup my son from college.  It had been finals week and our son had just completed his last final exam of his freshman year.

The early May spring morning was beautiful and our travels were gladly uneventful.  It was good to see him again and my husband and I were looking forward to having him “home” for the summer.

Unbelievably, nine months had passed since we had dropped him off last August at his dorm.  (Sure wish my nine months of pregnancy transitioned as efficiently and as smoothly as his freshman year of college did!)

Thus, as I sat down at my computer to read my morning emails, I noticed the “giveaway” earphones my son had brought home from college.  I decided to try them out.  After all, he was still asleep catching up on much needed rest from the demands of his last few weeks and my husband and other son had left early that morning to help with their annual BBQ fundraiser.

Thus, I put the headphones on, plugged them into the computer, and opened the music file to make a song selection.

Ironically, the first song listed was the song “Colors of the Wind” from the Disney’s animated film PocahontasYes!  I thought.  Perfect song!  I immediately selected the song, drowned myself into its lyrics and music, and began to read my emails.

Suddenly, the memory came flooding back to me!

I was driving home from the grocery store.  It was my first trip out in public by myself as new mother with my small bundle of joy!

As I was traveling back home off the main roads of the highway, the song “Colors of the Wind” began to play on the radio.  It was the first time I had really listened to the LYRICS.  The song struck a chord with me, and it was one of the first best moments I shared with my newborn son – even though he didn’t know it at the time.

I call it one of those “God Moments” when a time frame in my life slows way down like cold molasses dripping from its jar.  It feels like I can slice a piece of time out of mid air with a knife.  (I think OPRAH calls it an “Ah Ha” moment!)

God gave me a big smile and answered prayer when this “Ah Ha” moment occurred.  HE wanted me to see this split second for what it was.  And I did!

I had always hoped I would have children in my life.  It didn’t come easy or quickly.  In fact, I had come to accept that my life was not destined for motherhood and it was just not in my cards to have children.  Once I accepted that fact, I became pregnant.

But suddenly here I was!  Travelling down the back roads, carrying my small bundle of joy – all 7 lbs of him – nestled in the backseat of the car – listening to “Colors of the Wind.”


You can own the earth and still

All you’ll own is earth until

You can paint with all the colors of the wind



In other words, one can have all the things on earth. But, they can become meaningless, if one doesn’t appreciate the things that come naturally.

I painted the wind that day with joy, appreciation, and thankfulness. It was as colorful as the rainbow that suddenly appeared outside my window as I was writing this blog.


How high will the sycamore grow?

If you cut it down, then you’ll never know


We never know what the future brings us but if you don’t allow a child to spread its wings and grow in his or her own calling, we will never know what that child can bring to the world. All we can do as parents is nourish and guide them – giving them just enough freedom to blossom into that sycamore tree.

As a new parent, I realized even then how quickly my son would grow up into the world. He would be on his own before I knew it. And it happened!

The 7-pound infant grew over six feet tall and into a young man with a promising future. And I am so thankful for the smallest of incidences in my life that I was able to experience this and see it – overcoming being childless, a troublesome pregnancy, fighting breast cancer, and so on…


But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew


All of us carry different loads throughout our lifetimes – some good, happy, sad, and indifferent.  Sickness, death, unexpected tragedies.  Newborns, graduations, milestones, going away for college and coming home.  Life happens.  We all experience these events at different times and different places and at any given time in our lives.

Thus, as Mother’s Day approaches I want to thank my mother for all she has given me.  Although she has passed on to a better life, I know she can hear me.  I also want to thank my “mothers” who didn’t give birth to me but helped shaped me to be the person I am today.  I also want to thank the “mothers” who wanted children but were not able to.  Your contributions to the world probably have gone unnoticed but I know in some capacity you have reached and influenced a child in some way.

Thank you mothers around the world.  The sacrifices you make for your children may or may not ever be noticed by your children.  However, it is what a mother does best – still gives and unconditionally loves.

Both of my sons including my stepdaughter and her children – my grandchildren – are the colors in my wind.  They bring a colorless world into a vibrant rainbow of life for me.

I know my stepdaughter sees her colors in the wind now.  I hear it when she talks about her children.

Maybe someday, my sons will have children of their own; they too will begin to see these colors in the wind.  I hope it will be their “Ah Ha” moment and I hope I am around to see it.

Until then, I wish each of you – whether you are a mother or not –  a Happy Mother’s Day.  I also hope each of you have had the opportunity to “paint the wind!”


“May the wind be with you!” and as many colors as you make it!


And As Always…MARCH FORTH!”

Marci A. Schmitt



In 1995, “Colors of the Wind” won several accolades including the Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.  The song is written by lyricist Stephen Schwartz.


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