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by Marci A. Schmitt

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BACK HOME AGAIN by buy dapoxetine safely is licensed under a buy dapoxetine usa.
Based on a work at buy dapoxetine online.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at buy viagra with dapoxetine online.



A few weeks ago, I decided to stop by the small local grocery store on my way home from exercise class.  I needed a few items for supper that evening.  Thus, I quickly entered the store to grab my items.

As I entered the store, I noticed the seasonal changes taking place on the grocery’s shelves.  November brought a fresh start to fall’s next seasonal event – Thanksgiving.  After all, the outside air had chilled and the colorful rainbows of leaves were begging and clinging to stay on their trees.

Although, I intended to quickly stop and pickup my items, I opted to stay a few extra minutes in the store so I could finish listening to the song playing from the overhead speakers.  It was one of my favorite songs from the ‘80’s.  (Yes, I am telling you my age!)

The song quickly turned my store’s visit into a journey down memory lane.  As I turned the corner of the aisle, I instantly felt younger again.  I slowed my pace and reflected on the memories this song fueled in my mind.  I reminisced.  I enjoyed the fun times I had associated with this song in that era of my life.  Thus, as I pushed my shopping cart down the aisle, I pretended to look at grocery items stocked on the shelves.  But in reality, I was embracing the song until its finish.  Only until then, did I proceed to search for the items I needed for supper.

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However, the next song -immediately following the ‘80s song- once more distracted my intentions as it bellowed overhead.  Although I am a mediocre fan of John Denver and his songs, one in particular –“Back Home Again” – was near and dear to my heart.  It was uncanny that this song started playing.  Immediately my eyes became misty with the memories that sprouted as each stanza played.  I thought I would lose it totally in the spice aisle of this grocery store!

Mr. Denver’s music and words to “Back Home Again” eloquently describe some of my best memories of the days I spent on Mom and Dad’s homestead and especially the thoughts I had when returning home from college to visit our home on the farm.

For example, many times as a young teenager when driving the tractor in the fields, I watched the storms come and go.

As a child, I remember waiting on my father to return from the fields often late at night during the harvest season.  Sometimes I didn’t see him for days.  (I can still smell the fresh overturned dirt from the harvested fields.)  I missed him during these times.

I can see my Mom standing at the kitchen stove making the large meal for supper for our family and farm helpers.  It always smelled great.  Whether I liked what she was serving or not – Mom was an excellent cook!

The memories of sitting down, eating, and talking about anything at the supper table are still gifts for me today.  It is something I try to do with my family now.

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In late fall, I remember the warmth of the house greeting my cold face and hands as I opened the farmhouse door.  Its warmth embraced me many times, as I entered the home from the cold outside most likely after finishing my chores.  (Every day, each of my siblings had certain chores on the farm to complete but none was more important for me than feeding the calves twice a day before and after school.  Sometimes I even had to milk the cows.)

Thus, when I left for college, I rarely made it home because of the distance.  But when I did, it was mainly for holidays.  I missed the open space and animals on the farm while I was gone.

However, it was during my second year of college when I returned home for Christmas Break that Mr. Denver’s song “Back Home Again” took resonance in my life.

Although I preferred to listen to disco -yes, I am telling you my age again – my parent’s choice was country music.  Thus, wherever they traveled in their car, the radio was always tuned to a country music station.

It was during one of these travels, that Mr. Denver’s song came on the radio.  Dad, Mom, my sister, and I were in the car traveling to a relative’s party when “Back Home Again” came on the radio.  All of us sang together in the car with John Denver and his song.  I knew I would never hear this song again without thinking about that point in time.  I knew that song would always keep my “home fires burning” forever.

Thus, when “Back Home Again” started playing in the grocery store, I simply lost it.  It was hard to hold back the tears!  But, that was ok! Though Dad and Mom are gone now, it was a great trip down memory lane with them.

In fact, I had a great double trip down memory lane with my quick trip into the store.  It was a great feeling to listen to the songs, reminisce with Mom and Dad back on the farm, and feel younger with a trip back to the disco ‘80s.

It’s funny how things can suddenly surprise you in a good way throughout the day.  My “quick” trip into the store that day allowed me to collect the cheapest and best bargain for the month.  It surprisingly and pleasantly gave me much to think about the rest of my day.

I hope you have the opportunity to grab a bargain like that too.  Everyone needs those types of bargains in their lives.

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In the meantime, I hope your “home fires are burning” “Back Home Again” this Thanksgiving and the holidays – or anytime for that matter- with you and your families.  I hope you get the opportunity to spend time with those closest to you.

If not, I hope your memories will fill the void of those who won’t be.  I know mine will.  I know if all else fails, I can always pull out an old “record” of “Back Home Again” to fill it.

Who knows, maybe my children will have a special song to share in their hearts and minds in the future about me.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


P.S.  If you wish to listen to the song “Back Home Again” by John Denver, click on the LINK BELOW.

P.S.S – If you like this blog, feel free to buy cheap dapoxetine uk, buy cialis with dapoxetine online, buy dapoxetine in the usOR JUST EMAIL THIS TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR DAY WITH ME.  AGAIN, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

“And As Always…MARCH FORTH!”

Marci A. Schmitt

Author, Blogger, Speaker, Survivor, Wife, Mom

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