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Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin10 Questions Answered About Breast Density by Dr. John Huff-Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center What is Breast Density?  Breast Density is “a measure used to describe the proportion of the different tissues that make up a woman’s breasts. Breast density compares the area of breast and connective tissue seen on a mammogram to the area of fat. Breast and connective tissue are denser than fat and this difference shows up on a mammogram. ( Breast Density can affect the readings of mammograms.  If one has dense breast tissue, it can be harder to determine the results of a mammogram and can mask breast

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinHello Everyone!  Guess what day it is!  That’s right – March 4th!  “And As Always…(Happy) MARCH FORTH!”  A must inspirational and award-winning read. Check it out at Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinAmerican Cancer Society Offers Free Pamphlets The American Cancer Society offers free pamphlets on preventing, diagnosing, and treating different kinds of cancer.  Use this link for  more information:  American Cancer Society Free Brochures “And As Always…MARCH FORTH!”   Don’t forget to signup for the 4MARCHFORTH.COM NEWSLETTER. Never miss a blog, post, or news again from 4MARCHFORTH.COM! Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinAlthough it has been 4 1/2 years since I have finished my chemotherapy treatments, I still struggle (sporadically) with “chemobrain/fog.”  It is frustrating when it happens!  It hits me most when I am tired or multitasking.  Here is a great article on “chemobrain/fog” from CURE Magazine.  Very helpful to you or your loved one who is or has gone through Chemotherapy treatments.  CURE MAGAZINE – “Finding Solutions for Chemobrain” (Please note – Chemobrain/fog is also discussed in my book MARCH FORTH: My Journey… in Chapter 26, page 149.) Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinFans and Friends – If you know of a business, church, club, or library that would be interested in sponsoring the book – MARCH FORTH: My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery from Breast Cancer – Please contact me through my secure website’s CONTACT PAGE.  …or message me through my Facebook Page – March Forth –  …or my Twitter Page – Marci A. with information.  I would appreciate the lead. Also, I am looking for Speaking engagements for 2014.  If your interested, please contact me. Please feel free to share this with your friends, clubs, churches, and/or businesses.   Remember – NO place or event is TOO far

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin “Soursop/Graviola – Is it a cure for Cancer?”  Take a look at Paw Paw! (“I’m NOT a doctor but a THINKER!”  Marci A. Schmitt) It is called Graviola, Guanabana, Annona Muricata, Cherimoya, Thorny Custard Apple, and Brazillian Paw Paw among others.  But, Wikipedia -“the free dictionary” – simply calls it “Soursop.”  ( Recently, I came across a Soursop/Graviola article on my Facebook Page.  The article was quite lengthy but interesting.  Interesting enough for me to read its entirety.  I have had cancer and it has touched the lives of many who surround me.  Anyone who has traveled that

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinThis week I am celebrating my 5 year anniversary of renewed life after breast cancer. Below is the link to my Blog I posted yesterday.   Don’t forget to check out the new category -“Research News” on my website. I will be posting and linking articles that hopefully will be informative and interesting to you. ( Suggestions will be taken!  Email me through FB or my website “CONTACT” page.) Please get your 2014 mammograms! (Don’t forget to “LIKE” my FB page at MARCH and “FOLLOW” me on Twitter @4marchforth) Tell your friends to “LIKE” and FOLLOW me!

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinBeginning in 2014, I will be bringing you links to articles that share significant advances in cancer research and news.  Being the eternal optimist in finding a cure and helping others, my hope is that these articles will help and comfort those who are affected by cancer.  Maybe it is one of you that reaches out and becomes the answer to curing this disease. Prayers of strength, hope, and comfort to all of you who are affected by any life threatening disease. “And As Always, …MARCH FORTH!” Marci A. Schmitt Author, Blogger, Survivor, Wife, Mom Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinFive Years and Counting…! Five years ago this week, I walked into the doctor’s office for my annual mammogram.  It was a normal routine mammogram – a visit sandwiched in between daily and ordinary tasks.  However, this visit turned out to be anything other than ordinary.  “I am seeing something abnormal.”  The nurse said.  “Your mammogram is showing a suspicious area.  You need an ultrasound immediately to review this area further!”  My thoughts without delay began to spiral.  My gut feeling had been spot on!  The lump I found three months ago WAS NOT NORMAL!  I needed a breast

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinGene therapy scores big wins against blood cancers Positive news shared on the fight of blood cancers.  Here is the link to the article.  By Marilynn Marchione from the AP (Associatied Press) Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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