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Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinBreast Cancer – Does local therapy choice improve survival? Breast Cancer affects each diagnosed person  differently. That individual faces many decisions – including choosing the proper breast cancer treatment plan that is uniquely right for that individual.  This decision is very personal.  Therefore, each treatment plan will be different for each individual diagnosed with breast cancer. THUS, WHEN ONE IS DIAGNOSED WITH BREAST CANCER, IT IS IMPORTANT TO TAKE THE TIME TO BE INFORMED SO THAT ONE CAN MAKE THE RIGHT MEDICAL DECISIONS FOR ONESELF!  Take the time to be informed! This informational blog posted at, demonstrates why we need more and continuing

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinMORE GREAT NEWS FOR WOMEN WITH METASTATIC BREAST CANCER: A new breast cancer drug from Roche has shown “unprecedented” benefits in extending lives in a clinical trial and experts urged its widespread use for women with an aggressive form of the disease. Here is the LINK to ROCHE’S BREAST CANCER ARTICLE. Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Author: buy tadalafil with dapoxetine

    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinThe following article was posted on website.  You can read this article in its entirety at this web address: A study has found that another gene may be just as important in breast cancer risk as BRCA1 and BRCA2: an abnormal PALB2 gene was found to increase breast cancer risk 5 to 9 times higher than average. The research was published in the Aug. 7, 2014 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Read the abstract of “Breast-Cancer Risk in Families with Mutations in PALB2.”   Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin MARCH FORTH: My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery from Breast Cancer MARCH FORTH: My Journey through Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery from Breast Cancer ONLINE SPECIAL! BUY ONE BOOK GET SECOND BOOK FREE PLUS SHIPPING AND HANDLING! Just enter the promotion code: That’s right! I donating one book for every book ordered!  ORDER AT THIS LINK:  FALL SPECIAL BUY ONE GET ONE – MARCH FORTH: My Journey … – PAPERBACK BOOK Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinAdvanced Breast Cancer Treatment Promising This developing story about treating women with (advanced breast cancer) Stage IV breast cancer is HUGE!  Wish my mother had this opportunity! Watch this link from CBS news shown today 7/11/2014: WATCH HERE: ➨ Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinBrain Activity Changes after Chemo – “Chemo brain” No you are not losing it!  It is real!  “Chemo brain” does exists.  It gets frustrating at the times it occurs and people who have not been through this ordeal, do not understand.  It is different from the  normal forgetfulness as one ages!  I am  reposting this link to help educate those who have been through chemo treatments – it happens, your not losing it, and you are ok.  I also would like to remind their surrounding love ones – please be patient and understanding when it occurs.  For me, “Chemo brain” rears its ugly head

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinRetinoic Acid – Turning Precancerous Cells back to Normal Breast Cells Interesting research article on retinoic acid – a derivative of vitamin A.  Thomas Jefferson University’s research showing precancerous cells turning back to normal breast cells by using retinoic acid.  It’s found in food such as sweet potatoes and carrots.  (Full blown breast cancer not so much affected.) Read this link Vitamin A. Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0Linkedin Security Continuously Monitored Attention:  Visitors.  Security updates are continuously and constantly monitored to improve and maintain security on this website.  I have upgraded to a managed hosting account, which provides “a very tight security layer that actively scans for malware and blocks all hacking attempts.”  This upgrade replaces the SSL security certificate I previously provided.  Again, please note if you make purchases for merchandise on this website you will be transferred to PayPal’s website.  All money transactions occur through the secure PayPal site and not on this website.  Thank you for your support and please visit again.  

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    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinCancer Drug  Effectiveness Checked in Real Time Research News Research is providing a way to check the effectiveness of drugs given to cancer patients immediately.  With the cancer drug effectiveness checked in real time, a cancer patient can determine if the drug is immediately helping  to stop the spread of cancer.  With this immediate feedback, a patient’s cancer treatment plan can be immediately adjusted or change to benefit the individual.  This is great news for the patient going through cancer treatments.  Checking the drugs reaction in the cancer patient  immediately  vs.  “wait and see” if the drug is working against the cancer

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    Author: buy tadalafil with dapoxetine
    "Celebrate" & "And As Always... MARCH FORTH!" Glow in dark Wristbands

    Please Share!Facebook0TwitterPinterest0emailTumblr0Google+0DiggReddit0LinkedinWristbands Support Relay for Life 4MARCHFORTH.COM is selling wristbands to support Sandlappers Relay for Life Team for American Cancer Society’s .  Check out the new “glow in the dark” Silicone wristbands at  They are available in three colors: Purple, Blue, and Pink.  Each wristband is indented (debossed) and color filled (white) within the inscription.  Adult band size available only. Each wristband has BOTH of these inscriptions: “Celebrate” (surrounded by 2 crosses)  and “And as Always… MARCH FORTH!” The funds received from the sale of these wristbands will support my friend’s RELAY for LIFE team and my website’s foundation.  Each wristband sells for $2.  Contact me through

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