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MARCH 2015


Welcome to the third issue of the 4MARCHFORTH.COM NEWSLETTER! 


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DON'T FORGET TO RATE THE NEWSLETTER LETTER on my website.  (order priligy dapoxetine


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Blog - By Marci A. Schmitt

     Did anyone catch the 60 MINUTES Documentary Sunday, March 29, 2015?  Duke University’s Cancer Research Department has found – of all things – the POLIO VIRUS showing promise in killing cancer specifically the brain tumor - glioblastoma! Yes, the POLIO VIRUS that scientists and researchers are trying to eradicate from the …

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 Blog - By Marci A. Schmitt

"I love you in a place where there's no space or time; I love you for in my life you are a friend of mine"

The other night I watched a movie on YouTube of all places. Although, I was aware of this website, I pretty much thought it was geared towards the younger generation who would …

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By The Carpenters

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PAY IT FORWARD! No one wants to be a breast cancer statistic!  However, in January of 2009, I became one. When my mother fought breast cancer ten years prior to my diagnosis, I found in hindsight that I really didn’t understand the full journey she actually traveled - until I experienced breast cancer myself. To hear the words …

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